Director’s Corner

Welcome to Rainy Dayz Preschool! Rainy Dayz is a not-for-profit literacy- and STEM-based school, that promotes life-long learning, in a safe and nurturing environment. The students are empowered to thrive in their surroundings with no limits or preset expectations.

At Rainy Dayz, we pride ourselves on the quality of curriculum, facilities and experienced staff that ensures the best early learning experience and education for your child. Rainy Dayz Preschool uses a research-and literacy-based curriculum aligned with common core standards and Washington state’s early learning and development guidelines. We welcome students with all learning abilities and potty training is not required!

Providing a safe, clean and nurturing environment is one of the most important things a school can do for your child. Couple that with incredible teachers and a phenomenal curriculum plan and you get one of the most effective and highest quality programs in our community.

Here's how we do it:

To help prepare our students for kindergarten and beyond, and foster confidence and critical thinking, we have chosen to use the “Creative Curriculum for Preschool” in our classrooms. Published by Teaching Strategies, the Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Washington State Early Learning Development Guidelines and the WaKids kindergarten assessment, and is based on the 38 objectives widely recognized as crucial for school-readiness-including cognitive, language, literacy, mathematics, physical, and social-emotional skills. While the curriculum provides us with a solid learning and developmental foundation, it also gives our amazing teachers the flexibility to bring their own ideas and activities into the classroom, as well as offer individualized instruction to meet the needs of each student. The program also encourages family participation and we are here to help you implement strategies at home to help your preschooler!

We are also extremely pleased to be the only preschool in Gig Harbor to have a dedicated S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lab. The lab’s design leads the children towards discovery by encouraging their natural curiosity. By asking open ended questions relevant to each discipline, our teachers become facilitators in this environment to allow each child to develop new skills and thought processes. While our daily curriculum does have components of each area of S.T.E.M, research shows that as a nation we are significantly behind academically in these areas. We believe creating an environment specific to these disciplines will give the children a chance to explore, as well as become more familiar, confident and fascinated with, S.T.E.M. Research and implementation of the lab has been derived from the Boston Children’s Museum and their S.T.E.M Sprouts Teaching Guide. And we are incredibly fortunate to have a certificated S.T.E.M teacher as our mentor and trainer as we work to expand and bring S.T.E.M to the forefront of early childhood education!

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Sarah & Becky
Executive Director