You're not on the early education journey alone. We at Rainy Dayz are proud to walk with you. While the curriculum provides us with a solid learning and developmental foundation, it also gives our amazing teachers the flexibility to bring their own ideas and activities into the classroom, as well as offer individualized instruction to meet the needs of each student.  The program also encourages family participation and we are here to help you implement strategies at home to help your preschooler!



Providing a safe, clean and nurturing environment is one of the most important things a school can do for your child. Couple that with incredible teachers and a phenomenal curriculum plan and you get one of the most effective and highest quality programs in our community.  


​​Rainy Dayz Preschool is a not for profit S.T.E.M and literacy based school that promotes lifelong learning in a safe and nurturing environment.  The students are empowered to thrive in their surroundings with no limits or preset expectations.